terça-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2011

V.A.TOP 20 HITS - (Third World - LP - 1975)

A1 Winston Jones - Baby I Am Sorry
A2 Winston Jones - Never Come Running Back
A3 The Heptones - I Am Crying
A4 Valentine Brodie - Life In The Ghetto
A5 Nairobi Sisters - Promise Land
A6 Keith Weir - Just Because
A7 Winston Jones - You Make Me Cry
A8 Owen Gray - Rib Di Bim Bam
A9 Winston Curtis - Freedom Train
A10 Valentine Brodie - Hard Time In The City
B1 Big Youth & The Heptones - I Am Crying
B2 Delroy Wilson - You Must Believe
B3 Derrick Morgan - Teach My Daughter
B4 Leroy Smart - Get Smart
B5 Honey Boy - Worried Over You
B6 Derrick Morgan - Babylon Is Public Enemy
B7 Ronnie Davis - Jah Jah Jehovah
B8 Freddie McKay & Horace Andy - Talking Love
B9 Gregory Isaacs - Sunshine For Me
B10 Honey Boy - In A Game

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